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‘You don’t take rest during IPL but rest while playing for India’ – Sunil Gavaskar


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The former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar while recently speaking to the sports tak sports news on YouTube, lashed out at senior players and other players and especially those who are asking for rest.

The host of the show, Vikrant Gupta, while talking about the West Indies tour and the Indian players who will be selected for the team, some of the senior players like Virat Kohli have asked for leave. So should Virat Kohli be given rest or not before the West Indies series?

In response to what Vikrant had asked, Gavaskar without a delay said,

“See i don’t agree with rest and things, not at all, you are playing for India, you will not take rest in the IPL, but while playing for the India (national Team) you have to take rest, I don’t at all agree to it.”He emphasized, “You have to play of India, Undoubtedly. Don’t talk about rest and all. These matches are of 20 over (T20), so it will not take much of toll on your body, very less toll it takes, but it takes toll when you are playing a day and night match, it affects your mind, but these T20 over matches, consists only of 20 overs of batting and 20 overs of fielding, so it doesn’t bother you so much.

He further added,

“The talks about the rest and things, the BCCI should look at it once again. All A-grade players with a very good retainership the indian cricket has issued them the contract, apart from contract for each and every match these players are paid also, then one should tell me that which company, or corporateate is there who pay their chief executives, directors or managing directors, or managers so much of time off, that too with being heftly paid.

He added further,

“Yes, if Indian cricket has to be professional then they have to draw a line stating that,  if you want to rest, the guarantees involved while signing a contract will be reduced. Then after, you can take rest as much you want, but without that, how can you say that you cannot play for the indian national team”

Then Vikrant Gupta adding onto what Mr. Gavaskar was stating reasoned,

“Definitely, if you play you’ll also be in form”

Replying to what Vikrant said, Mr. Gavaskar agreed on it stating,

This also is one more thing, staying at home will not get you runs or get you wickets, so if you go out and get onto the field then only you’ll make runs and get wickets“, he said.

Well, the veteran seemed completely right in what he said, however, the Caribbean tour for a 5-match T20I series against India is starting from the 1st of August and will take place till 7th of August having back to back matches.

As per news updates, for the series, the Caribbean hasn’t yet decided their playing squad, however, will be confirming it by today.


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