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Adam Gilchrist isn’t in favor of a second IPL window -‘I don’t want to be reported as being anti-IPL’


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The former Australian cricketer, Adam Gilchrist has made some crucial points, by the way IPL owners are behaving, but also insists on not reporting him as Anti-IPL for it. The questions that he has raised is about:

  1. Why are Indian Players not allowed to play in the other domestic leagues such as the Big Bash League, and others?
  2. And, Why are only some leagues (IPL) accessing the world’s best talent?

Since the inception of IPL in 2008, the league from BCCI has grown leaps and bounds becoming the second richest league in the world after NFL (National Football League). The revenue generated of this league is something unparalleled. But now, according to the latest news, BCCI is even planning to expand its presence more frequently, which is twice a year. BCCI has already confirmed their plans to be having a two and a half month window in ICC’s next FTP cycle.

But this is where Adam Gilchrist’s question comes into play while his interview with Cricbuzz has been doing rounds on the internet since the time of its airing.

““I am not saying this in a provocative sense, is that not a fair question? If there is a second IPL window — I believe that is the proposal — that is going to start encroaching more into international cricket. That is going to further damage the domestic tournaments in those countries, but India still won’t help them build their market. It doesn’t seem like a two-way street,”

Two way street is what Adam Gilchrist says, but aren’t the IPL Franchise owners owning other leagues in the CPL (Caribbean Premier League), The 6Sixty and some teams even in UAE T20 Leagues?

So where does all this money as profit generated is going? Of course to the players of that country and what point Gilchrist had tried establishing is something yet to be cleared. In another dialogue of his, Gilchrist in tandem also praised the entire landscape of the IPL that even he himself was a part of Six times and asked not to be reported as Anti- IPL.

Whatever the point he might be trying to establish, but one thing is clear the dominance of IPL is becoming a matter of worry for many and would carry on more, but the truth is also, it took more a decade for the IPL league to become of what it is today, Many national as well as International players have been part of this mega event and there’ no denying it will continue to prosper more and more in the future as well no matter what!!


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